About us

Costebelle Conciergerie offers short term seasonal rentals in the Var.

When we welcome you, we will offer you a wide choice of à la carte services to make your life easier and to enjoy the region.

The discoveries in Hyères are inexhaustible: visit of Porquerolles and the Port Cros National Park, discovery of green Provence, oenotourism, visit of the most beautiful estates and exceptional villages ...

We will give you touristic advices : Family activities, discovery of the Golden Islands, diving, kite, sailing...and many others !

We will be available to help you have an unforgettable stay.


Costebelle Conciergerie is happy to welcome you and wishes you a pleasant stay.

You will find below all the information related to this accommodation:

1. Maintain the accommodation permanently in a good state of cleanliness.

2. Do not smoke inside the Accommodation and dispose of any cigarette butt cleanly and safely outside the Accommodation, in rubbish bins or ashtrays, in respect of the common areas and parts. No cigarette butts or rubbish shall be thrown on the public highway, in common areas or on balconies and terraces.

3. Not to cause or create a nuisance or interfere in any other way with the quiet enjoyment of the other occupants of the building in which the Dwelling is located.

4. Not to bring pets or other animals into the Dwelling without the prior consent of the Guest. A supplement of 20€/night will be applied in case of non-compliance with the rules.

5. Not to move or rearrange furniture or appliances inside the Accommodation.

6. To comply with all applicable laws.

7. Leave the Dwelling in the same state of cleanliness in which they found it. A supplement of 30€/hour will be applied in case of additional cleaning.

8. The user of the internet access undertakes not to use this access for the purpose of reproduction, representation, provision or communication to the public of works or objects protected by copyright or related rights, such as texts, images, photographs, musical works, audiovisual works, software and video games, without authorisation. The user is informed that sharing software, when connected to the Internet, may automatically make downloaded files available. If a sharing software has been used to download protected works, it is therefore preferable to disable it.

We wish you a nice holiday.